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Anal done right

 I thought I hated anal, that was until he came and made me his little ass slut. Now I take it like a pro, and enjoy every fucking minute of it! 

Disclaimer: Pardon any errors with my grammer, it is not my strong point.

Almost five years ago now, I was causually dating a man named, Ned.  He was 6 feet tall, dark hair, covered in tattoos, he wore geeky glasses, was well sculpted with with huge mucles, and had this very cute, very sexy awkward way about him. We had fucked a handful of times and it was pretty fucking hot. I must say I am a sucker for a man who eats pussy like a fat kid in a candy shop, besides the fact that he could make me squirt clear across the bed, the first time we ever fucked. After fucking him for some time, I could tell there was something he was holding back. I waited for my next visit to his tiny one bedroom bachelor pad apartment, and decided to  asked him "What really make your cock rise the instant you think of it?"  I needed to know his deepest fantasies and wants. You see, I am a pleaser by nature, someone who gets off on doing the most extreme shit to please my lovers.  I also told him that no matter what it was, it was okay to share it with me.  Ned proceeded to ask me how I felt about anal.  My response was, "I've done it quite a few times, but I'm not a huge fan, its always been quite uncomfortable, but I am always happy to oblige, because  of the fact that bringing pleasure to the other person is a huge turn on for me, I cream my panties to make a man moan".  Ned then tells me that I probably have never been fucked in my asshole properly, and that he would really love to worship my ass, and fill me me up with his cum. As I was taking this in, Ned got up and walked into the tiny bathroom across from his bedroom. I thought it was a weird time to just get up and leave me all hot and worked up on his king size bed. Ned soon came back and he had something in his hand. He said to me, "your going to need to use this, because I am going to be fucking that ass all night long,'" as he hands me an enema. Like a good girl I go and do as I am told.  I was so excited and very nervous, what if this turned out like every other time I ass fucked, and it was a let down. 
I lay down on my stomach on the cold bathroom floor, and insert the tip into my bum, then I push it deep inside and squirt it up in me. I follow the steps to take care of business, and I was now ready to give my ass over to him.
Ned motions for me to come onto the bed, I have just a tee shirt on that he slip us over my head as I climb up. He put a couple of pillows in the center of the bed and tells me to lay back with the pillows under my ass, proping my bottom right up so his head can easily acess all my lady parts. He rubs his hands up and down my thighs, he kisses and bites gentlly. My tention seems to melt with every movement. I soon become aware that his hands are going to my warm wet throbbing cunt. There is squeezing and rubbing, he starts to apply pressure and his finger slips into my pussy. Its starts off slow, in and out, then two fingers are in me, he starts hard fucking my cunt with his fingers. I gasp as it takes my breath away. I can feel his finger curl slightly up and start to hit my sweet spot. A warm feeling fills my abdomen and I cant hold back, I shoot a massive stream, and it hits his chest, I can see splashes of my cum on his face. He pulls his fingers out and immediately dips his head between my legs. Ned slurps and sucks up ever last drop of my juices, he looks up and his face is glitening. I tell him "Come up here so I can taste my pussy on your lips," and of course he does. He dips back down and starts in on licking my ass, nice and soft unitl I find he is tongue fucking my asshole. It feels so good to have a nice warm tongue inside my butt. Soon he reaches over to the night stand an grabs for a bottle of lube oil. Ned tells me, "turn over and put you ass up and face down."  Again I do as I am told. After I'm in position I feel a warm liquid pour down my crack. Next he starts to massage my butt cheeks, rubbing deep and strong.  His hands slide all over my ass, and pussy. I am still in great anticipation. His focus starts to come to the center of my ass, my star. He pushes on the hole without going in, for quite a bit, then he slowly starts to put the tip of the tip of his finger inside me.  My asshole is in so much pleasure and really wants to be penatrated.  Ned's finger finally starts to go deeper, with every  push he circle my rim. I want to sream, "FUCK ME NOW," but I hold it back. He opens me up with one finger and squeezes in a second, still going fairly slow but finger fucking my asshole for sure. This goes on for awhile, getting harder and faster. All of the sudden the hands stop, there is a pause, the next thing I feel is a big fat hot cock being rubbed up and down my ass crack. He is teasing me!  I want that dick so fucking bad it hurts. Each moment seems like eternity, why can't he just give me what I want!!!
I know he is having so much fun with this, I lift my cheek up off the bed, and turn a little to look at him, his eyes are wide and he seem to be in in a very concentrated trance. This is his thing, and he is dam good at it.
Before I put my head back in place, he has a lucid moment, and asks me, "Are you ready to take my cock in your tight little asshole?" I can hardly get out the words straight as I say, "Yes please, I want to be your ass whore so bad!" I am literally begging for him to fuck me. 
Next I feel him lightly bumping the head of his cok into my hole. He pushes in a litt then pulls it out, each time I hear a popping sound as it comes out. Ned says to me, "Be a good girl and gape that sweet little hole for me, put you arms back here and spread those fucking ass cheeks!" I feel like I am in another universe and the only thing exsiting there, is him and I, and all these intense fucking sensations.  As I am face down spreading my asshole open, I can hear him breathing and making low "hmmmm" noises.  I tell him to go in deeper, and he listens, he inches more of his large cock into me, still pulling it out after every thrust. I start to moan louder, he seem to move in a rythm with my body. I crave him to be deeper in my ass, I tell him, "Fuck it so hard it hurts." 
He is never careless with the motion and each thrust gets deeper and harder. I am fucking lost in the pleasures of him destroying my asshole with his cock. He starts to pound so hard it hits the backside of my cunt. My pussy is literally dripping onto the bed. the more he pounds the more I build up, and very soon my cunt is shooting out my hot liquids again, it runs on him and makes a puddle on his bed. With my  ejaculation he asks me "Are you ready to take my load?"   "Oh fuck yes, please give me cum now," is my reply. With a few more pushes he pulls me by my waist so my ass cheeks are pushed hard onto his stomach, and I hear a deep long animalistic moan come from him. I can feel his rock hard cock convulsing in my butthole as it shoot his hot creamy jizz so far up into my ass. Ned stays inside of my asshole for another minute or so, before pulling out. When he it out I stick my finger inside my ass,  then bring it to my mouth to taste what he just gave me. This experience was so fucking hot and intense. We both got a super rush of adrenaline, and layed there in bliss.
 This experience would be only the tip of the iceberg, the rabbit hole got way deeper. I committed myself to dive into extreme anal activities.  Which will have to be saved for other stories. That man I was causully dating is now my husband, and I am his anal queen.