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LOUSIE has invited me on bed at midnight. She has signalled me on dinning table. I moved to my room and slept on bed. Its 10:05 pm and I am waiting for an hour to move inside Lousie’s bed room. Waiting for Nina’s bedroom light to switch off. I have enjoyed physical love with my hot mom Lousie but my sister is not aware of it. Even I have enjoyed physical love with my hot sister but my mom is not aware of it. So they are bit afraid of doing sex with me inside home.

Its 10:45 pm when I came out of my bedroom to see Nina’s bedroom light. Its in dark, so I moved to mom’s bedroom. She is sleeping on bed and looking at me, she woke up to lock the door. Now I am on bed and she is removing her night gown looking at me, she is now nude, looks like a wild lady and stretching her legs wide open to show her glory hole. Now she came on bed and sits near me. I took her in my arms and while rubbing her back, my lips are moving on her face. She is trying to pull my bermuda down. Now I removed my clothes. We both are nude,our lips are locked and she is rubbing her breast on my chest to give me soft touch of her big boobs..

LOUSIE has put her lips on my lips and our lips are locked. She pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck and while sucking it, I took her on my thighs. She has put her arms on my shoulders and my one hand is on her back with my one finger inside her vagina. While fingering her hot vagina I am sucking her tongue. Lousie eyes are closed and her fast breath is making me hot with my finger moving in her cunt. She took her tongue out of my mouth and now I put my tongue inside her mouth. She is sucking fastly with her hand on my penis..

Lousie left me and now slept with her legs wide spread. I leaned my face on her breast and took it in my mouth to suck…… While one hand is pressing her other breast. She is rubbing my nude back and I took other breast in my mouth to suck, its a big breast and my mouth can’t take her whole breast. Now I left her breast and while sitting near her legs, I pushed a pillow inside her lovely ass. She has wide opened her thighs and her shining vagina is reddish and clean shaved. Now my lips are on her vagina and while kissing it, my hands are on her thighs. She opened her glory hole with her fingers and my tongue is licking her cunt. I am fucking my hot mom’s vagina with my tongue and while holding my hairs tightly…… ” Oooohhh uuummm aaahhhh Garry suck it hard……. I will cum. “.

We both are enjoying oral sex. Now I ask her to sleep with her ass facing me. Now I took out a butter cake from refrigerator. I started putting it on her round shaped bum. We have planned to enjoy anal sex. Now I put it on her bum and ass crack also. Leaned down to lick her bum with my tongue and my tongue is rolling in her ass crack. I put. A pillow inside her waist and now her ass hole is more up to lick it. I am licking it and its reddish….. My tongue is licking her anus hole and now she is screaming in pleasure……… ” Ioohhh uuummm aaahhhh Garry suck my cunt my son, I will cum soon…. ” And I took her labias in my mouth to suck. After some time she poured her juice in my mouth and I got the taste of it..

Lousie is now on her knees. She is like a doggy and I put my long hard penis in her ass. Slowly I am pushing my penis in her ass hole. 1/2 Of my penis is inside her anus hole and now while holding her waist, I gave a hard stroke in her ass and she shouted…. ” Oh no Garry, its too hard and long….. My ass is in pain…… ” But I am fucking her ass with power. Its lubricated due to butter cake. Now we both are in pleasure. My penis is moving with great speed inside her ass hole. Readers, ass hole is some how different from vagina. Ass fucking is an unnatural sexual act and have no natural lubrication but vagina has the potential to cum, so ass fucking is tough and my mom’s ass is not so wide. I fucked her ass hole for 5 minutes. Now my penis is inside her vagina and while fucking her cunt I can feel her back swinging fast and giving me immense pleasure..

LOUSIE got fuck for 5-7 minutes and I moved to washroom. Now we both are on bed, in a 69 position she is on my top and her face is near my long hard penis but my face is under and in between her strong thighs. Looking above I hold her waist and kissed her glory hole while my finger is in her ass hole. She is rubbing glans on her face and on holes of nose. She is smelling it and lastly her lips are loving my penis. She took my penis in her mouth to suck and her head is swinging fast. After some time, she is curious for anal sex. So I put some oil in her anus hole and my dick moved inside her ass hole…. While fucking it faster I am feeling her ass hole fire. She is moving her ass fastly to have pleasure in anal sex. She is screaming in pleasure…….. “Oooohhhuuuummmmm aaahh Garry fuck my ass hard, its in fire drop your cum my darling…… ” And I fucked her ass for 5-7 minutes to ejaculate cum inside her ass hole…. Our sex ends.