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Get down

I’m Niki I’m a 26 year old woman, me and my husband have been married since college, I have a hour glass figure thanks to my daily commute to the gym.

Alec was always rough in bed taking what he wanted, well I enjoyed him being dominant, he was also respectful of my needs. Every Saturday we take turns of what we want from each other and the other has to do whatever they want, last week was my turn, he fulfilled a Fantasy Of mine.

I walked though my front door turning around to lock it when Alec came up behind me pinning me face down against the door, he began kissing my neck he slid his hands down to my waist undoing my pants before dropping them to the floor he began feeling my ass “I know what I want” he said in a husky voice “and what’s that” I studdered “I want to fuck you in the ass” he said unbuttoning my blouse I turn my head looking at him shock, “get down on your knees” he barked I lowered to my knee he took out his cock he tangled his fingers in my hair pulling my head toward his dick “suck” he said forcing my head down the length of his shaft making me gag I sucked hard I thought maybe if he came he would forget about the ass thing, he pushed my head away he began striping till he was naked he laid a thick blanket on the floor he picked me up bridal style he looked down at me my heart was racing I was so nervous to try anal he laid me down gently  positioning me on my hands and knees he lent over kissing and biting my shoulders, trailing kisses down my back till he reached my underwear he slowly pulled they down I lifted my knees as he slide them off my ankles, my body was tense “just relax baby” I slowly relaxed my muscles he pulled out a bottle of lube rubbing a generous amount to my hole he slowly stared to slide a finger inside earning a moan from me he moved his finger in and out at a steady pass till he added a second finger making push back onto his fingers I could feel my pussy juices running down my thighs soon he withdrew his fingers, and cover his cock with lube before pressing the head of his cock to the entrance of my Asshole he slowly sank all 9 inches of himself inside me I held stiff then the pain began to subside and the waves of pleasure increased he began slowly  pushing in and out till I was begging him to fuck me hard he began taking long hard thrusts  I lowered my shoulders to the floor allowing more of him inside me “I’m gonna cum” I yelled “yeah baby cum” he yelled as he fucked harder and faster till I screamed reaching my orgasm, he took a few more hard thrusts before coming inside me, he pulled out falling to my side panting I slowly lowered the rest of my body down laying on my belly slowly drifting off to sleep.