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My first Anal sex

 My first Anal sex

Soon as my big brother moved out. I went to see what he had left behind moving were he hid his porno mags. I lifted his bottom draw under it was the spot. There was only one that I hid it under my shirt. Just in case I got seen. I hid it under my bed. Later that night alone in my room I started to look through it and it was the best one I had ever seen. It was the first time I’d ever seen a big cock and I could take my eyes off it. Two guys fucking a really hot chick and she had one up her ass and one in her pussy. Turned a few pagers and wow to guys nude pulling each other cock. Then sucking cocks in a 69. Then one guy fucking the ass off of the other one then cumming over the guys face. My cock got hard as and I pulled my self over the cock going up the guy.

For a few months that was the only thing I pulled my self over. I wanted to be the guy getting fucked up the ass. My mate Peter came to stay over my house for the weekend. No one else was home. We got beer saved up from our old man’s fridges. We went down the street for a while. I was 15 Peter 14 we had a fair few beers and I say we were a bit drunk. Got home I had a queen size I mattcuss on the floor coz I broken it the frame. We layed on it we got down to our undies lay there, then Peter said hay any pornos you’ve got. A good one opens them up, the first thing he said wow look how big them cocks are. Same as me ha. Anyway got to the guys and Peter went real quiet. As he turned the page he got to anal sex said fuck can we do that to. We finished Pete jump up turn the light off. Soon as he did I could see Peter had a hard cock and he knew I could see his cock hard anyway we were quiet.

It was dark I said hay Peter did you like the guys fucking like I did I’ve got a hard cock too, he said can we really fuck too. I said you want to fuck me. He turned over, my cock was so hard and I wanted to be fucked, I put my hand on his hip saying do you want to fuck me. Peter then slide my hand down so slowly then I felt a really hard cock small but hard as he turned over. I went straight down and rolled down the foreskin down his hard shaft. Then started sucking his cock so hard. Enough. Asked me to turn over put to pillows under my hips spread my legs wide open, wet his finger with spit then put it allover my ass hole, felt him mount me then felt his dick going up in me. Pushed my head into the pillow then he starts to ram it in pumping my ass hard and hard and harder fuck it was. Really hot gay sex but then the big warn rush in my hole cum fuck he blows all over my ass hole, it was coming out my ass then Peter kissing me me kissing him like he was a girl. The end