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Mystical Forest Photo with Natural Colors edited in Adobe Photoshop | QE #294

22 Nov 2020

In this Quickedit video I’m restoring natural colors and light for a forest photo using #Adobe #Photoshop 2021 for the #editing.

Thank you for watching my video!
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0:00 Intro
My goal here was to move away from the warm tones and get back to a little more natural light but also add a little more haze and a soft, dreamy look in general. I did the raw adjustments in the camera raw editor and finished this photo using Adobe Photoshop with the Nik Collection Plugin.

0:38 1. Basic Adjustments
First, I activated the lens corrections and dropped the white balance temperature to fix the warm color cast. Next, I increased the exposure to restore details from the darker areas and dropped the highlights to prevent overexposure. For more contrast I dropped the shadows slightly. Finally, I added clarity and texture and carefully dropped the dehaze for some more fog.

2:23 2. Local Adjustments
I simply used a graduated filter on both sides and decreased the dehaze to make both sides appear to be a little hazier.

2:50 3. Color Grading
Using the blue channel of the tone curve I added a subtle blue tone to the highlights. Then, I dropped the orange and green saturation and instead boosted the yellow one.

4:22 4. Photoshop
Most work here was the cleaning of the photo. With the spot healing brush, I got rid of a few tree branches and spots which looks chaotic to me. Finally, I used the polarization filter of the nik collection plug in to boost the colors some more and add the glamour glow filter which added the dreamy look.

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