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The Living Universe - Documentary about Consciousness and Reality | Waking Cosmos

21 Nov 2020

Since the time of Plato, the human understanding of the universe has moved through two epoch-defining paradigms. These are the view of the universe as a great mind, moving into the view of the universe as a great machine. Today there are signs that the modern mind is moving towards an organismic view of the universe, apprehended as an evolving, self-generating, and ultimately living process.

This film is based on an essay I wrote for my philosophy master's degree, inspired by the work of, among others, Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry, Thomas Nagel, and Richard Tarnas.

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This documentary is a non-profit, educational film. All footage used with permission, or in compliance with fair use/fair dealing.

Non copyright/reuse-allowed music composed by Aleks Michalski and Dreamstate Logic.
Tracks used:
Earthbound by Dreamstate Logic
Dematerialized by Dreamstate Logic
Apogee by Aleks Michalski
InSight by Aleks Michalski

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