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Most Popular JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters Since Season One 【Over One Billion JoJo Search

21 Nov 2020

This bar chart race shows the most searched JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters since season one debut with Phantom Blood & Battle Tendency. Searches from the manga community are included as well.

Which JoJo characters are the most popular? Find out!

Tools Used

Google Trends
Keywords Everywhere
Flourish Studio
Microsoft Excel
Adobe Creative Cloud


1) I gathered data for the main JoJo characters listed on https://jojo.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Characters. The .csv files containing search interest values were downloaded from Google Trends for every character.

2) Keywords Everywhere determined the average monthly search volume for every character.

3) The number of searches per month for each calendar year were proportioned based on official reports from Google.

Example: There was roughly only 1/5 the amount of monthly search from 2009–2012. So it would make sense to reduce the monthly search volume for those calendar years by a factor of 0.2.

5) Search interest values and proportioned monthly search volumes were placed in Excel for calculations.

6) The data was placed into Flourish Studio to create the data visualization piece.

7) Image and audio assets were added with Adobe applications.

-These numbers are not 100% exact as it only accounts for public searches from Google platforms. This is due to VPN searches blocking access to trackers and search engines independent from Google keeping their user data private. Still, Google Trends provides the most comprehensive overview of search term statistics.

The music tracks are themes of main JoJo protagonists from their respective arcs.

This episode of SEARCH BATTLE is produced by Steven Pham.

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