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IPAD for Students INDIA - Note Taking on IPAD [Hindi]

Published on 26 Nov 2020 / In Programs & Designs

Its been Decades we have the same education system but now as Apple has Launched its powerful Ipad and Apple Pencil which can do much more than an ordinary paper, apps like GOODSNOTES and NOTABILITY its been fun Taking notes on Ipad.

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Skip to Particular Topic Click on below Time Stamps :
Introduction: 00:00
Laptop or Ipad: 00:40

Apps Offered by Apple: 02:45
Features of Preloaded apps by Apple: 04:54

Best Apps for NoteTaking 05:45
Goodnotes VS Notability 06:15
Features offered by GoodNotes 06:55
Kindle on Ipad: 08:32

Document Scanning 09:14
Battery: 09:45
Storage: 11:13
Final Conclusion 12:03
eBook :
iPad: The Instant Solution to Under-Using of iPad Tablets Devices

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Video By:- Ajinkya Gokhale
Music By:- @FING Beats

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